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‘I found Jozzie Velesig’s “Charlotte” to be utterly disquieting and thrilling with a sense of impending doom. As far out as “Charlotte” is, I think it seems not far off from possibility.”

Anthony, Editor at Umbrella Factory Magazine

“Butch” is a truly emotionally stunning story with excellent detail and characterization.

Editor at Literary Magazine

Work In Progress

Breaking a hip in the middle of a snow storm with a cougar on her trail wasn’t part of the plan for today. Can she survive the dangers of the wild as her mind slips back to her early life, five failed marriages, and her relationship with Butch Cassidy? Does she deserve to die alone for her past crimes?

Semi-Transparent Grid Patterned Tape
Semi-Transparent Grid Patterned Tape

Growing up in Appalachia, I was surrounded by natural storytellers. The air around me was permeated with their tales while I read every book I could find. Stories became essential to my identity. I was lucky to have parents who encouraged my every academic pursuit. Our home was too rural to use the closest public library so my mother would take me every year to a charity book sale where you could fill up a Walmart bag for a dollar. We would leave with the bed of her red Silverado loaded down with books. I would then lay them all out on the living room floor showing my Dad every book I had picked. Moments like these formed me.

I would go on to become the first person in my family to graduate from college. I took a few years to follow love and motherhood before returning to school. I graduated in May 2023 from Harvard University with a Master’s in Creative Writing and Literature. There I learned a love for more than just stories but also for the artistry that goes into crafting them.

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